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Telmore: A Success Story On Change

Introduction: “All this talk about Appreciative Inquiry is good but can it really impact business results?” Training seems to be the need of HR and Training people more than the need of the business people. ‘All that wishy washy stuff is good for the class room but does not help. Only feels good, that’s all’ […]

Dynamics of Coaching relationships India experience

The phenomenon of ‘Executive Coaching’ and ‘Life Coaching’ is new in India and is gaining popularity with select people and organizations. Executive coaching is slowly gaining popularity in India. On one side there are big corporate houses who prefer to engage big international brand names for coaching. On the other side, there are a number […]

Neuro Plasticity

Neuroplasticity and Coaching

The fundamental unit, the microchip of our brains is the brain cell. At birth we have a full complement of of 1 millon million brain cells or neurons. Each of our brain cells has hundreds and thousands of branches or tentacles like those of an octopus. Each of these branches contains thousands of dendrites which […]